Workshop Woodturning

Ever wanted to know how to create your own wooden bowl? This is your chance to learn woodturning one-on-one and develop your first skills on how to produce a wooden bowl on a lathe. Questions you might have on how a wood turning machine, a.k.a. a lathe, works? Gouges, sharpening, which one is used for what? And where do you start? All questions I would like to give you in-depth answers too. At the end of the course, you will be heading home with one, or maybe two bowls you made yourself!

From tree to bowl – 2 day course

Day 1, from 10:00 – 17:00



    • Introduction to woodturning and safety.
    • Cut your own piece from a tree trunk using a chainsaw.
    • Creating a correct piece to put on a lathe.
    • How to work the lathe safely and properly.
    • Mounting methods on a lathe.
    • Learn which gouges to use and their functions.
    • Learn how to sharpen gouges.
    • Rough turning a bowl from fresh wood and how to store it for drying
    • Clean up the workshop for day 2



Rough and heavier work. Chainsaw roaring, chopping, sawing and roughing wood into shape on the lathe. No fine work here, just loads of fun. Working with fresh wood is different, and easier, than working with dried wood. You’ll get to know your way around the tools and machines and it’s about prep-work of turning a wooden bowl. Both safety and correct use of machinery and tools are the most important this day. Woodturning is lots of fun but also with its risks. This day is meant to teach you the basics and is the start of the process of creating a bowl from a freshly cut tree and also prepare you for day 2.

Day 2, from 10:00 – 17:00

Depending on how far we get on day 1 the program continues on day 2.



  • Turning a dry piece of wood from square to round using different techniques.
  • Creating a personal design for a wooden bowl.
  • Choosing the right piece of wood
  • Turning the outside the bowl
  • Turning the inside of the bowl
  • Sanding techniques and finishing the bowl
  • Treating the bowl with oils, wax or other treatments, depending on design
  • Clean up the workshop


This day is all about what you learned on day one and putting it into practice on a much finer level. And this is the day where your patience and accuracy will reflect your result. The more time you take in shaping/cutting and turning your bowl, the better the result. The goal of this day is to let you finish a bowl and take this home with you. If you are doing well and there is time, there is the possibility to create a second object.

The package


This workshop is a one-on-one. The most effective way to learn, at your pace and no need to wait on others. During the whole course, there is time for questions and answers. The course includes (simple) lunches, tea/coffee, safety gear and use of all machinery and materials for both days. Recommended is to come in clothing you comfortable to work in. The work can and will get dusty, wet and in winter times a bit cold. No need to dress to impress, just be practical.

This 2-day course is given in my workshop in Assendelft, which is 20 minutes drive by car from Amsterdam. Free parking is available in front of my workshop. Assendelft is easily reachable by public transport or arrangement can be made to be picked up from the local train station or even Amsterdam North (ferry) to my workshop in Assendelft and can return you at the end of the day (extra fee applies).

The workshop is given in Dutch, English or Norwegian depending on your wishes. There are no fixed days to apply for this workshop, I can work according to your agenda, as long as the days follow up on each other. Weekends are no problem, just get in touch to find a suitable date for us both. Get in touch here.

The ‘From Tree to Bowl’ 2-day Course costs 250 Euro all in.

If you want to buy this workshop for someone else as a gift you can do so here.