Samuël Dirksz


Together with Rena, I work from our loft in what I like to call ‘Upstate Amsterdam’. Every morning I take inspiration from the view from our loft, energizing the start of my day and boosting creativity. Whether it’s summer or winter, it’s a thing I look out for as soon as I get out of bed. We welcome friends, family, and customers to our loft to share the spirit of this lovely space.

My creations are very versatile and can be used in many areas of your home. Currently, I’m expanding my work and the designs fit a daily purpose or could function as a centerpiece in your home. Coming from a Norwegian heritage I take my inspiration from old Norse pottery, found at archeologic Viking sites, I transform these designs and patterns, which date back more than a 1000 years, into one-of-a-kind items.

I.S. Dirksz


De Vliegerstraat 128
3021 ZM  Rotterdam


De Vliegerstraat 128
3021 ZM  Rotterdam


The family farm (right) is located deep in the Western mountains of Norway, near a small village called Vadheim which lies at the magnificent Sognefjord.

Every summer my mom and I spent our summer days with the family there. Every year I helped out as a ‘dreng’ (- Norwegian for something like ‘farm servant’)  until around I was 17.  We were milking the cows, herding the goats, playing with the cats and dogs and were apart of a traditional Norwegian-farm life.

In this charming and beautiful place, I grew close to ‘bestefar’ (grandpa) and his children, my uncle and aunts, because we spent our days together. When living so remote, 650m above sea level in the middle of a few mountains, the tradition of making things yourself was a necessity, not always a choice. Therefor grandpa and his sons were great woodworkers and craftsmen.

I was always inspired by their creations which were used in daily life. Like breadboxes, butter-boxes, washboards, spoons, rakes and even other wooden tools and contraptions to be able to create bigger things.


The wood I use comes from sustainable forestry or is recycled wood. It depends on what’s available at times. Sometimes I get wood donated and sometimes I purchase it locally and at times I import it from the UK, Germany, and Norway. All ‘freshly chopped wood’ is certified with FSC or PEFC. Other wood may come from private gardens/woods/forest etc.

I choose to only use this because we are depleting the world’s resources too much and especially our woods. I won’t settle for anything less than wood with a fair and positive stamp on mother earth. If you like to know the origin of the wood of the product you want or have purchased, let me know so I can trace it back to its origin.


Our inspiring morning view…